Our main goal here at WooRank is to give our customers the tools they need in order to continuously track, analyze and optimize their websites or those of their clients. Of course, we recognize that reporting is a vital step in any SEO and digital marketing campaign. So we are very excited to announce that, after months of working with our customers and gathering feedback, the new version of the WooRank PDF editor is now available to all WooRank Premium and Enterprise customers and trial users!

What’s Changed with the New PDF Editor?

The new PDF template editor:

  • Allows users to create as many PDF templates as they want
  • Improved Keyword Tool data
  • Create different templates in any of the 6 languages we support
  • Lets users choose the look and layout of reports by choosing different report themes

In other words, pretty much everything is better!

Unlimited report templates

The first change you’ll see after the updated interface is that when you create a new template, the "Template name" field will pop up:

New PDF template naming

Previously, users were limited to one template per language. In order to make the template editor more flexible and allow users to create lots of different types of reports, we’ve completely separated the templates from language.

You can now create different reports in different languages to suit the unique needs of your business or clients:

New WooRank PDF Editor menu

Report templates are still totally customizable with the ability to add your own headers, footers, branding and content. You can access these settings by navigating the tabs at the top of the PDF Editor:

Navigating the new template editor customization options

New and improved data for keywords

You’ll also see that the keyword data available in the Keyword Tool section is leaps beyond the old list of keywords and positions available in the old PDF editor. Users can now pick and choose from data points tracked by Keyword Tool such as location, monthly search volume and competitor rankings.

Choosing to include data Keyword Tool will automatically include the aggregate rankings graph, but you can choose to exclude it by clicking the toggle button:

Adding Keyword Tool aggregrate ranking graph

The last 2 options give you even more customization for the website’s tracked keywords. You can specify what order you want keywords to appear in and filter keywords by rankings.

For ordering, you can list keywords 3 ways:

  • Alphabetically from A to Z
  • By ranking, from highest ranked to lowest ranked
  • By volume, from most popular to least popular

Options for sorting WooRank Keyword Tool data

You can filter the tracked keywords to include only keywords that rank…

  • Only keywords ranking in the top 100 positions
  • Only keywords with a ranking of 50 or higher
  • Only keywords ranking at 10 or higher

New themes for PDF report templates

Another big change for the new PDF Editor is that it introduces themes for your reports. Themes define the overall look at feel for your report: layout, fonts and visuals.

Right now the new PDF editor is launching with 2 themes available to users: the modern theme and the classic theme. As time goes on we’ll be working to add more themes for our users while Enterprise customers will have the option to work with us to create their own custom themes.

  • The modern theme is a new look for your reports. This theme gives your reports a bit of a fresher, more up-to-date look and feel.

Example of new WooRank modern PDF theme

  • The classic theme is the original version of our PDF templates. It’s the same as before but includes all of the new data and options we’ve added to our reports.

You can create the same report using different themes to fit the unique needs of your audiences.

Downloading your new PDF reports

Since we’ve added lots of new options when it comes to creating different PDF report templates, we’ve slightly changed how you download your reports.

The first way is from your WooRank account overview page. This works just like the old way of downloading a report: simply click the PDF icon for the Project.

Downloading PDF reports from WooRank Overview page

The difference now is that this option will download your default template. Set your default template from the PDF Editor’s main page:

Setting a default template

If you want to download a specific report for a Project, simply open up the Project and click the "Download PDF" button. This will open up a drop-down menu that lists all your report templates for you to choose from.

Downloading PDF report templates from Project or Review

Awesome! How Do I Access the New PDF Editor?

Anyone who activated a Premium or Enterprise trial or subscription will automatically get access to the new PDF Editor. To open the template editor, just click on the account button in the top right of any WooRank tool (while logged in).

Accessing new PDF Editor

Then click the PDF Templates link in the drop-down menu.

Link to the new PDF Editor in WooRank menu

People who started their WooRank trial or became customers before November 20th will also automatically get access to the new editor, also available in the same place as the old. However, these users will have the option to switch back to the old version of the template editor by clicking the "Back to old PDF" button.

Back to old PDF button for existing WooRank users

This button will only appear for WooRank users who activated their Premium or Enterprise trials before November 20.

What about the old PDF templates?

Because the PDF Editor has been so totally overhauled, existing templates created with the previous version aren’t compatible with the current edition. To help ease the transition, our support team will be able to help WooRank customers who created templates in the old editor manually move their reports from the old version to the new. Simply send your request to the team at support@woorank.com.

As mentioned above, customers and trial users who joined WooRank before November 20th can still access their old templates in the previous editor by clicking the "Back to old PDF" button when accessing the PDF Editor.

Questions? Feedback? Let Us Know!

If you have any questions about using the new PDF Editor, encounter any issues with your new report templates, or just want to let us know what you think, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@woorank.com.